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Updated: May 16

Composite predictive technique in astrology | Astrology Books |

Authored by Jyothishacharya S.Nagaraja (A original research work)

The much awaited revised and enlarged edition with case studies is now available for readers.

One of the best Astrology Book on TIMING OF LIFE EVENTS Viz Education, job/profession, promotion, marriage, children, property and health etc. through Vimshottari dasa system, yogini dasa system and jaimini chara dasa system.

This book will be helpful in getting PRECISE results by using three dasa systems. A useful book for students, who are studying Jyothishacharya/Visharada Etc. and to the learned astrologers as well.

Foreword by Mr. Megharaja Jain

"Curiosity" is the mother of all inventions. Humans called the homo-simian (the reasoner) started looking at stars curiously and linked its movements to the changing seasons on the earth and for other mundane physical matters in the initial stages and found astronomy. Later he slowly started to find a connection of these stars and its movements with the individual living beings and the events in their lives. Through further research was born the Science of Astrology.

Our seers who were endowed with great intellect, through hard work and commitment started to analyze the movements of heavenly bodies with great precision to accurately know the personality traits and other important events that occur in one's life. They recorded them in great many books; unfortunately many did not survive the ravages of time and the onslaught of cultural invasions.

In a country where Astrology was and is proudly referred to as a "Vedanga" a part of Veda (Science) has been reduced to a mere means of earning a fortune by fortune telling and a source of livelihood to many Pseudo Astrologers.

When journalists from different newspapers and news channels along with the so-called rationalists went hammer and thongs on the present day Astrology and its allied branches, they were not unjustified.

As now scores of the Astrologers are here for mere publicity and to exploit the general weakness of the gullible pubic with instant cures and solutions to all problems. For them Astrology is the panacea, which is very much contrary to the fact.

Any subject if it is presented systematically backed by reliable and replicable data and which can be learnt and practised by anyone without any ambiguity can be considered as science. So definitely astrology classifies itself to be a science.

It is heartening to note that off late lots of educated men and women have taken up the study of Astrology sincerely and seriously thereby doing much needed systematic research with lots of perseverance to enhance the understanding of this great science.

This Book is one such effort by Mr. S. Nagaraja. Even though most of the techniques brought out in this book are known to the astrological fraternity, the way in which it has been presented is simple. systematic and scientific. A lot of example charts have been used to substantiate his views; makes the book one of its kind. Definitely a Good Book, which is very handy, helpful and simple to understand, can be used as a platform for further research.

Mr. S. Nagaraja, in this book has attempted a composite technique of combining different Astrological Systems to verify an event in one's life. He has used Yogini, Jaimini and Vimshottari Dasas to arrive at definite single conclusion by which one can improve the accuracy of predictions.

I wish him good luck and to all those who are keen on research in this great science of Astrology, which might further help to enhance one's own understanding of life and to improve its quality.

About the Author S. NAGARAJA

S. NAGARAJA | Author of Composite predictive technique in astrology

S. NAGARAJA graduated Bachelors in Science in Chennai (then Madras) and joined the family business in Logistics and Surface Transportation. He successfully built, expanded and operated the business till 2005, when he decided retirement and pursued astrological studies.

Under the guidance of Sri Dr. S. Krishnakumar, Chairman of Indian Counsel of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) Bangalore Chapter-1, he joined ICAS as a student in 2006. He studied "Jyothisha Praveena", "Jyothisha Visharada" and short-term courses of Post- Visharada Marriage matching, Career Counselling and Remedial measures. He completed "Jyothisha Acharya" in 2010 from Bharathiya Jyothisha Samsthan, Bangalore.

He joined Bharathiya Jyothisha Samsthan as faculty and served as honorary teacher for more than 7 years teaching various subjects in astrology.

He has conducted seminars on various topics including education, profession, property, children and medical studies. He has defended theses on Foreign Travel and Joining of 1st job after the education on the strength of research and study of over 150 horoscopes.

He was conducting "short term courses" on Astrology for the Senior students at "Parsam Institute" in Basavanagudi such as "Timing of Evens through Parasara Vismshottari Dasa, Jaimini system of Astrology and Yogini system of Astrology" (Composite Predictive Technique", "Medical Astrology", "Basic Knowledge in Prashna Sastra", "Divisional Charts", "How to analyse a Chart in systematic way", Prediction through Ashtakavarga system" etc.

At present he is conducting short term online special classes on Astrology for the senior students such as timing of events in Parasara, Jaimini and Yogini Dasa systems, Medical Astrology, Divisional Charts, Basics in Prashna Sastra, Systematic analysis of a horoscope, analysing horoscope through Ashtakavarga etc.


Dear Readers,

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to "Composite Predictive Technique In Astrology," an exceptional addition to the world of astrology literature. Authored by the renowned S. Nagaraja, who also happens to be my esteemed teacher, this book delves deep into the intricacies of astrology, offering invaluable insights into the timing of life events through the prism of Parasara Vimshottari Dasa, Yogini Dasa, and Jaimini Chara Dasa.

I take immense pride in presenting this comprehensive work to astrologers, enthusiasts, and seekers of cosmic wisdom. S. Nagaraja's expertise shines through as he explores the dimensions of education, job/profession, marriage, children, property, and health, providing profound guidance on when these life events are likely to manifest.

In the realm of astrology, the power of prediction is an art, and this book equips you with the tools to master it. Whether you are a seasoned astrologer or someone just embarking on this illuminating journey, "Composite Predictive Techniques" offers a treasure trove of knowledge that will enhance your understanding of the cosmic forces at play in our lives.

S. Nagaraja's dedication to the subject and his wealth of experience make this book a must-read for anyone seeking to unlock the mysteries of destiny and time. We are confident that the wisdom contained within these pages will empower you to make more informed and accurate predictions, ultimately guiding you and your clients toward a brighter and more fulfilling future.

On behalf of Ganapa Pustaka, we express our gratitude to S. Nagaraja for sharing his profound insights with the world, and we extend our warmest welcome to readers who embark on this enlightening journey through "Composite Predictive Techniques."

Wishing you a deeper understanding of the cosmos and the power to chart your destiny with precision.

Warm regards,

Lakshminarasimha D. R

Ganapa Pustaka.

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